Monday, January 31, 2011

From The Mind of the Princess....

The look in your eyes lets me know
That the time for talking’s passed.
We both know what the deal is.
No questions need to be asked.
You know you want me
And I know I want you.
We’re both here now.
Just say what I know you wanna do.

Your arms feel so good around me
It’s making me a little weak.
My body’s telling you everything
I can’t find the words to speak.
With every kiss I feel myself
Losing more and more control.
You’re kissing me like you’re
Trying to steal my soul.

The way you’re touching me
Is quickly making me lose it.
All this pre-game is cool,
But I’m ready for the main event.
I know you’re used to running the show,
Women that just lay back and take it.
Well, that’s about to change, love.
Let a bad girl show you how a real woman does it.

C’mon baby, let me give you
What we both know you need.
I know you’ve heard that before,
But I’m the one to believe.
Clothes are flying everywhere,
The room’s getting hotter by the minute.
If it’s feeling this good now, I can
Only imagine how it’ll feel when you’re in it.

There’s a four alarm blaze going in here
And you’re just adding fuel to the flames.
Neither of us it calling 9-1-1,
Just each other’s names.
I’ve heard you talk about other bitches,
But those bitches don’t matter.
They might be hot and shit
But we both know I’m hotter.
As you lay there I’m hoping,
My secrets won’t get out.
Keep this on the hush.
I’m not one to share my inner thoughts.

-Toni D. Cabrera 2011


A Writers Dream said...

This is so sexy! The essence of romance. Great write.

Toni said...

Thank you, love! I try to paint images with words that will stick in your mind and leave an impression on your spirit.