Monday, July 27, 2009

20 Things You Should Know About Me

So, since I'm pretty much sitting here at work for the moment, I figured I'd do another post. I'm gonna give you 20 things about me that you should or may wanna know. If I leave something out that you wanna know, let me know in the comment section or hit me on Twitter and I'll answer back. Here's the list in no specific order:

* I have lived in Maryland off and on my entire life, so the DMV will ALWAYS be home to me so if you disrespect it, be prepared to deal with me.

* I'm nosey as hell, which has helped in my blogging since I always gotta know every damn thing all the damn time.

* I may be a gossip by profession, but I am loyal to my friends and know how to keep my mouth closed when needed.

* I do NOT have a boyfriend or husband, but do have a baby's father that I haven't seen or spoken to since my son was 13 months old.

* I have no time or patience for ignorant or coonish shit. I have an allergy to that shit so keep it away from me or get put on blast.

* My dream in life is to be able to interview and meet all sorts of people and write about them.

* I have been writing since I was 4 years old, so that's pretty much all I know. I write everything from blogs to poetry to song lyrics.

* I'm probably the biggest flirt you'll ever meet. Something about flirting just makes my day lol.

* I love to laugh. There are times when I laugh out loud when I totally shouldn't be laughing, but tha'ts life right?

* When I see someone needs help, it's always my first instinct to assist them in any way that I can. Now, that doesn't always work to my advantage to the naked eye, but it pays off in other ways.

* Hip-Hop is the soundtrack to my life. Not this bullshit ringtone hip-hop that's on the radio now, but real and true hip-hop. The kind of hip-hop that inspires you, motivates you, tells a story that you relate to.

* If I hear the word 'swag' in one more song, I'm liable to snap. If you have it, then there's no need to tell everyone cuz you show it in everything you do.

* I'm the only Dominican I know that doesn't like beans. I love platanos (plantains for you non-Hispanics lol) and rice, but the sight of beans makes me wanna puke.

* While I love being admired and whatnot, there is no need to borderline stalk me. I can't stand a needy, beggin ass individual. If I'm feeling you, you'll know so chill the fuck out.

* As I've said many many times, I have the biggest potty mouth out of anyone I know. I curse by choice, not because I'm uneducated and don't have an extensive vocabulary.

* Some of my friends call me 'Encyclopedia' and 'Dictionary' because I know a lil bit about a lot of different things.

* Other than writing, I love to sing but have this fear of singing in public unless I'm drunk or something. One bad experience fucked my head up, but I'm finally getting over it.

* I am a Twitter junkie! If you wanna contact me, that's probably the best way to cuz I hate talking on the phone lol.

* I didn't really get into make-up and fashion until I was about 20 or so. I always liked to look nice, but labels and MAC were not in my vocabulary. I dressed like a boy half of my junior year of high school, so clearly a lot has changed lol.

* I'm all about moving forward in life. I see no point in holding onto or reliving the past because that's not gonna change a damn thing. Besides, the person you're pissed at or hurt by is probably not paying you any attention so why give them anymore of your mental space then they've already occupied?

Okay so, those are the first 20 things that came to my mind. On my Twitter, I asked people to send me questions they may have about me and here they are with my answers:

@JJamm11@ToniC813 Yeah are u single, doing your job do u get to make a lot stars in D.C. and do u get to travel.
* No, I do not have a boyfriend. I don't get to travel much with either of my jobs, but hopefully that will change in the future. I have interviewed The Dream as part of my blogging and have seen tons of people, but haven't met any personally yet except for The Dream.

@Poynt@ToniC813 how do you keep your smile so naturally bright and white like that? Share the beauty secrets Toni!!! ;-)
* Lol well, I brush my teeth daily. That's about it lmao. I use whitening toothpaste since I am a smoker.

So, there it is y'all. If I didn't answer something you might wanna know, feel free to hit me up. Guess I'll go back to working now.

Besitos Por Todos (Kisses for All),

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