Monday, July 27, 2009

And So It Begins....

I've been blogging professionally for like a year now, so it's a little strange for me to be writing this and not talk about Chris Brown or the Nas and Kelis drama, but I'll do my best lol. I started this blog to let y'all know what's going on in MY life, not the lives of the people I write about daily. So, if you're reading this with expectations of me dishing the dirt on celebs, then you should go to where I do that every day. This blog will be all about me and my life. Now that we've gotten the disclaimer outta the way, let's get it in.

As I said, I've been blogging for EZ Street for like a year now, and I love it! He's definitely one of the coolest people I've ever met in life. Well, thanks to the great teacher that he has been and my skills as a writer, Radio One's internet division, Interactive One, has contracted me to help them build blogging teams for all of their DC radio personalities. It's gonna be part of my job to interview perspective interns to see if they have what it takes. Then I'm gonna help in the training of these interns and also getting them familiar with their assigned DJ's. I'm so far beyond excited I don't know what to do, but I'm also hella nervous at the same time. I know what I'm talking about and know how to do the job, but it's still a big thing for me. This contract is going to help me get the experience I need so I can start my own consulting business, which is one of my long-term goals. I wanna eventually be the go to person for companies looking to build blogging staff. Does that sound crazy? I look at it this way: Print news is fading away, so more people are looking to create online content, like blogs, but aren't sure how. That's where my team and I would come in. I want to provide blog training that's inclusive of ALL aspects of blogging, including blog promotion using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to bring traffic to their blogs and search engine optimization. There's soooo much more to blogging than people think and I just want to give people the tools they need to be successful.

So, my birthday is coming up in like two weeks and I haven't the slightest clue what I'm wearing to my party or what I would like to receive as a gift. I do know that I will be celebrating my birthday at Ibiza Nightclub in DC (shouts to the boy Marko Polo for looking out for a sista! :)) on August 14th, the day after my actual birthday. It's gonna be a joint party for me and Mia since her birthday is literally 14 days after mine. We throw our party together every year and they're always memorable lol. For example, last year we threw a pajama party at our house (Mia and I are roommates) and it was a scene to say the least lol. This year, I wanna wear something different than my normal jeans and top you know? My friend Nikki of Nikera Clothing ( has some FABULOUS dresses that I'm checking out, so I'm sure I'll look spectacular regardless.

Well, y'all, I'm at work so I gotta keep it short for now. I'll be back soon.

Con Besitos y Amor (with kisses and love),


Darlin Nikki said...

I'm excited that you have finally started your personal blog. But is there an age limit for this internship position at the radio station you know hook a sister up..

Much Love

Toni said...

The internship is only for college students. Otherwise, I woulda threw your name out there from jump, Nikki! :)