Monday, August 31, 2009

Friends, How Many Of Us Have Them?

What's good, world? I know I've been remiss in my blogging duties on here as of late, but a sista has been super busy. Anyway, let me tell y'all about the convo I had with Wynter (my sister by choice not blood) today about these chicks we THOUGHT we our friends, BEST FRENDS. Let me give you some history for a second. I'll be brief I promise. Okay so, Wynter and I met the summer I moved to Georgia from Maryland, making that the summer of '96, right before I started my junior year of high school. Anyway, once school started that year, we met these three sisters; Natalie*, Cherri* and Tameka*. Now, Wynter was a freshman, Natalie a sophmore, I was a junior, Cherri was a senior andTameka was still in middle school. So we've all known each other for over 11 years, so the foolishness I'm about to tell y'all is gonna blow you away.

Fast forward through the years of partying, boys, fights (Cherri set me up once and I ended up having to fight this fat bitch, but that's a story for another time), drunk nights and babies (Cherri had her 1st her senior year that doesn't live with her anymore, has a son and a new lil girl; I had Dominic; Wynter has Isaiah and Amya, my godkids; Natalie had an abortion). Me and Wynter have always remained close over the years (So much so that when I don't hear from her for an extended amount of time, I start to worry about her and vice versa.), but the other three have pulled away. Tameka just graduated from college or is about to and is dating some Olympic track guy (he didn't win gold btw) and is supposed to be living phat; Cherri just had her third child, a daughter, but couldn't even invite Wynter to the baby shower and Wynter lives 10 minutes away from them. Then the bitch asks Wynter for my niece's bassinet for her baby. Wynter told her no flat out, but the reason isn't cuz she's a bitch. It'll all make sense, just bear with me please. and Natalie, well, she works for some tv station down in Atlanta, but she ain't doing too much of shit to be honest. Now, bear in mind I only know all of this information from Facebook (cuz Tameka and Natalie are on there), Myspace (Cherri's still stuck in the past) or from Wynter because Wynter still talks to the sisters's mother, Mama K.

Okay so, I told y'all all that to get to this: Natalie hits me up on FB last week talkin bout:

'Here's my number hit me up sometime (insert number here)....and don't be like Wynter and just never call....and fill me up with lies like telling a kid you're going to take them to Disney World lol...' Y'all, I about passed out when I saw that shit. I had to read it like three or four times to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. did this bitch really thinks she could jump out there like that when SHE'S the one who's been M.I.A. in the group for YEARS? It's not like Wynter doesn't call Natalie, cuz she does all the time, but Natalie's too caught up being dick whipped to ever answer the phone.

So, I hit her back and give her my number, because...well, I don't reallyknow why, I just did. So, she hits me back and asks what I'm doing these days work-wise (remember I told y'all she just finished college). Doesn't ask me shit about my son (who she's met) or my mother (who loves her like another daughter). After I told her what I do in connection with Radio-One, you know this bitch had the nerve to ask me if I could get her a job? I laughed from a good healthy place on that note. I mean, I don't talk to or see you in 6 years, and THAT'S all you have ot say to me? Then, you talk about my sister, the only one out of you bitches that ever did shit for me? Bitch, FUCK YOU and everyone that thinks like you!

I told Wynter today what Natalie said and of course, Wynter went off. See, me and Wynter don't get ot talk every single day like most friends because her fiancee hates my guts. So, when we do get on the phone, it's like a marathon convo. Me and Wynter went all the way back to the beginning of this 'friendship' and really examined it. We reached the conclusion that those three bitches have always been the cause or catalyst of some fucked up shit happening. Wynter is so pissed she doesn't know what to do. I told her that if I hve to go down to Georgia to beat the shit outta them I'm gonna be pissed. But Wynter's right, us living the way we do (drama-free and princess-like) is get-back enough. That's the ONLY reason I didn't put their government names in this blog btw.

The whole situation just blows the shit outta me because we were supposed to be GIRLS you know? SISTERS and shit. I always had their backs, even when people would tell me shit about them or ask why I even hung out with those chicks. I always answered the same: 'Cuz that's my bitch right there.' Even after Cherri did that foul shit and tried to get me jumped, I STILL half-ass fucked with her. Not on the same level of course, but I still had her back because that's what a true friend does. I'm so like, disgusted by this situation I dont' know what the fuck to do. Wynter says she's gonna call Natalie when her man goes to his game tonite and then call me, so I'll fill y'all in on what happens.

At the end of the day, this rant was to say: Examine your circle of friends closely. Don't ignore clues and signs that God sends you that show you who they truly are just because they're your friends. There's only so much shit you can fit in a closet before it overflows, you know? Now, me and Wynter are having to tell some chicks goodbye that we never thought we'd have to. Don't let your love for a person blind your eyes and mind to what's going on around you. You have to love yourself enough to know that you deserve true friendship from another person. A friendship is just like a romantic relationship without the sex and intimacy. Both parties have to work equally for it to be successful.

Okay, y'all, I'm done. *stepping off soapbox* I appreciate and love you for sticking it out and reading this whole thing lol. I know it's hella long but I had to vent. Thank you for listening....

Con Mucho Amor (With Much Love),

* Names have been changed to protect the stupidly triflin'.

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