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From The Royal Mail Bag: 'Intimate Affair' by A. Frost

Hello lovers! I received a HOT short story from one of my Facebook friends named A. Frost that I had to share with you. I won't waste a whokle bunch of time on the intro. The story is called 'Intimate Affair'. Grab some coffee and settle in. Thanks Alicia for the great addition to the blog!! :)

Intimate Affair

My husband and I have had the most explosive moments sexually since we were teenagers. We got married right out of high school and the spice never died. I showed him thing and he showed me even freakier things. We created intense moments together that would often leave us speechless. I could walk in any room and see my husband Malik and instantly want him. There were times we were at parties and we would sneak off into the bathroom or a secluded spot and devour each other. We would even pull over on the side of the road in traffic and make love behind the tinted windows of our SUV. I was more attracted to him today than the day we met at a house party when we were sixteen and here we were ten years later still in love and very sexually attached to one each other. We loved fucking each other. One night while we were out on a dinner date we began to talk about our sex life which usually ended up in sex. We discussed bringing another woman into our relationship but worried about the drama that could follow. Our concern was that another woman would get attached to our sexual endeavors or perhaps I would get jealous seeing my husband touch another woman. The thoughts were there and Malik knew I had a curiosity in woman and what it would be like to be with one. The thought of a woman touching me made me drift of into a forbidden place.

“So do you think we should invite a woman into our bedroom Nevaeh? “ He asked holding my hand across the table as we waited for our dinner to come. I could see the interest in his eyes but he would only do it if I was comfortable with it.

It was something that I have thought of a time or two but it’s also something I wouldn’t get accustomed to because my husband was mine and besides another woman could never make love to him like I did no matter how tasty she was. Our sexual relationship was beyond physically. I began thinking of my husband’s thick rod banging my walls down. He was an expert lover and I was always game for anything that involved him and I sexing.

“Well lets be honest baby, we don’t need anyone in our bed because our sex life is perfect but I think bringing in a sexy woman would add a little spice we never tasted” I told him sliding my foot out my stiletto heel and placed it between his leg as my foot massaged his hardness under the table. He licked his lips and exhaled with a smile. I wanted him right then and there. When he licked those lips it always made me tingle and cream between my thighs.

“Well who do you have in mind” He asked leaning up to the table with a devilish smile on his face. It did not bother me that my husband wanted to be with me and another woman. I am very confident in my relationship with him and we did not have trust issues so pretty much I would do anything for and with him and anything sexually he does I’d better be doing it with him.

“Well you know April told me the last time I saw her that she wanted to lick every part of me” I told him waiting to see his reaction. He didn’t seem shocked. Nothing shocked us sexually because we were a very sexual couple and there isn’t too much we haven’t tried when it came to sex. I am his weakness and he is mine.

April was one of my close friends that I grew up with and she is a bi-sexual. She is beyond sexy with her 40 DD breasts, small waist and thick thighs and hips. We kissed before but it was only because we were drunk but her lips were so soft and full like melons. It could have led to more but it went no further than that.

“She wants me bad as hell baby, every time I see her she is all on me” I told him. He passed a grin across the table. Malik was very secure with himself and me. He is sexually conceited. He knew the power of his dick. He knows the power of pussy and I was his gem. Men always tried to get with me and he would just watch. He knew what was on their minds and that was fucking me and that was one thing he did not have to worry about. He was the only man to ever be inside his wife and it gave him pleasure knowing that.

“So you should call her and see what she doing tonight” He said waiting to see if I was bluffing or not. He quickly imagined his wife and her friend lying in the bed together tasting one another. He could feel the blood rush through his shaft again.

Malik was the sexiest man I had ever laid eyes on. He was well over six feet tall with the tightest body and a six pack that you could get drunk just by looking at him. He had almond brown eyes that often spoke with little or no words. His tasty caramel skin was flawless with the boldest facial features and LL Cool J lips that had me sold the moment I first laid eyes on him. I pulled out my cell phone and dialed her number. She answered excited to hear from me. I took no time asking her the big question.

“So here’s the thing, I am sitting here at dinner with Malik and I wanted to ask would you be interested in coming over so I can fuck you and him tonight? I point blank asked April while staring into my husband’s light brown eyes. His eyes lit up listening to his wife’s boldness. He knew she was a straight to the point person but tonight she was an animal. I could see he was eager to hear what her answer would be. On the other end of the phone April’s body began to quiver hearing Nevaeh finally come to her senses. Finally she will get to taste the woman she has always wanted. Nevaeh was one bad chic and she had to have her even if she was the third wheel.

“Well that sounds very tasty, you think you and your husband can handle all of this” April said giggling through the phone. It actually turned on especially as my man sat before me staring me down and licking his lips at me. I couldn’t wait to put his lips to use tonight.

“The real question is do you think you can handle me and my husband?” I asked her not wanting her to think because I wasn’t a lesbian that I couldn’t put it down between the sheets. I am a bona fide freak hands down.

“All I am going to say is I have been fantasizing about you for a long while” She said reaching her hand into her panties and began rubbing her clitoris. She had been waiting for this moment to bury her face deep inside her wet pussy. She slipped her fingers inside her throbbing pussy. The plans are now set and tonight she would get her chance to fuck Nevaeh and her man. She smiled of the thought of a double scoop for the night.

The entire ride was intense. I slid over to him while driving and ran my tongue down his neck and placed my hand on his penis. His bulge felt like he was about to explode. I wanted him right there but I held my composure for our sexual journey with April. Once home I took a hot bubble bath and slid into a sexy black lace boy cut panties and matching chemise. Before Malik was finished freshening up she was there. I let her in admiring her sexy black dress and her stiletto heels that made her an inch or two taller than me. Her hair was pinned up in a bun. She looked stunning. I cut on some music and poured some drinks so that April and I could mellow out. She wasted no time peeling her dress off after the first drink. She had nothing on under the dress but baby oil. I wanted to wait on Malik but she was already turning me on and I could not help myself taking her tongue in my mouth. Within moments we were lying on the couch with her on top of me kissing and touching. I palmed her plump ass between my hands while she grinded on top of me. She took my erect nipples into her mouth causing me to let out an erotic moan. At that very moment Malik walked in and his eyes found April and I already consuming each other. He took a seat on the lounge seat across from us and watched. Malik was taken by the moment. This was indeed a moment any man could appreciate.

April was a very erotic woman. She knew exactly what she was doing as she slid down between my legs and began to consume my pussy. Her tongue plunged in and out of me paying special attention to my gum drop. I glanced over to Malik as my body reacted to the tongue lashing she was giving me. The look on his face let me know he was about to give it to us. April turned me on my knees and I gripped the edge of the couch. She sampled me from behind with ease with my eyes still aimed at my husband. Malik took that as his queue and came over to me and placed his raging dick into my mouth. While April continued her journey on my ass Malik stroked my mouth. The sounds in the room were like a sensual symphony. Saliva dripped from his penis and wetness from my drenched pussy covered April’s pretty face. Malik asked us to go into the bedroom and we eagerly followed him. Once inside our bedroom the real action began. Malik stretched out on the bed with a wand in the air. It was a miraculous site to see. His penis was a work of art. I saw the look of shock on her face when he unleashed the beast. He had a package that could keep a many of women happy for days. Even to this day his size still overwhelmed me. April and I both climbed on the bed with him and we both went right for his dick, working him from every angle imaginable. He was like a king on the throne. I let April resume on Malik’s long over erect baton as I sat on his face and let him taste me and all my juices. I instantly fell into a daze of one of our erotic moments. He always sucked my honey suckle just right.

Malik directed us to another position. He sat me on top of him with my back to him and laid me slightly back on his chest exposing my moist jungle to April. I gently rode him and she found herself between my legs again. I couldn’t stop looking down at her pretty face staring up at me as she devoured me. It was an awesome feeling with him inside me and her sucking away at my clit. Malik hands palmed my plump breasts and my moans got louder with each stroke. I bounced off of him like a ball of fire and met her tongue once I hit the bottom of his shaft. Words could not even describe what I was feeling. It was such an outer body experience that at times had me dizzy and weak in the knees. Malik flipped the script placing April on her back and me on top of her with my damp tunnel in her face so that he could enter me from behind while she continued to savor me. I don’t know where he pulled this position from but it was the most amazing sixty nine position ever created. I sampled her pussy with no prior experience and quickly became a pro.Malik took pleasure in pounding me from behind while she rested erotically beneath me riding her face. He switched the flow grabbing a condom from the side table and climbed on top of her and pushed both her legs back as far as they could go. She let out a fierce scream from his size as he entered her. I stood above her holding her legs in place and watched how he slid in and out of her. Watching his dick maneuver in and out of her literally sent chills through my entire body. Her moans and screams proved he showed her no mercy as he pulverized her from every direction. Malik knew how to get deep inside you and make you call mercy. I no longer could hold my composure. I released her legs and climbed above her face and let her taste me again while Malik plotted another route in and out of her. I licked on his shaft every time his thickness exited her while her fingers penetrated my ass as my clit dangled in her mouth. I couldn’t resist exploding on her juicy lips.

Malik stopped his treatment on her and positioned himself on his back. I guided her to sit on top of him. I knelled behind her with my hands around her waist pushing her deeper onto his rod. I know he was deep inside her because she began to scream and attempt to back off of it but I would not let her. I caressed her DD’s and licked her neck and guided her body with his flow which made her thrash Malik even harder. I did not want him to release yet so I pulled her slowly off of him and onto me. April’s clit intertwined with mine and we engaged in this intense grind that was so fierce causing us to drip like ice cream. Malik knelled beside us and placed his bulging wand between our mouths and we both destroyed his manhood again. It was a full fledge porn going on minus the video camera. Malik pulled us up and lifted me onto his rock placing me against the cold wall which was welcomed from the hot steam created in the room. April stood behind him rubbing her hands up and down his chest and used her soft body to push him further inside me sending my body in a sexual combustion while I came all over his sugar cane. He quickly dropped me to my feet and told us to get on our knees and we complied. He took his dick in his hand and stroked it looking down on us as we waited for his cream. I reached up and took over massaging him while April and I kissed welcoming his hot liquid into our mouths. Mike could barely keep himself grounded as they sucked all the life out of him. He stood there watching his wife and her friend share his flavors as they both took drying him off orally. He had to admit the idea turned out better than he thought and his wife shocked him with her reactions to another woman. She always turned a sexual moment into something spectacular. The moment had come to an end. We all fell out on the bed out of breath yet very satisfied. April quietly got up, grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom. Malik and I laid there holding each other as if no one had ever been in that bed with us.

“Thank you both for an unforgettable moment” She said bending down kissing me on the lips. She turned and left but not without leaving a hell of an impression. She is a freaky chic for sure. As soon as we heard the front door close behind her we went at it again and believe it or not it was more intense than when April was laying with us. I enjoyed her and I am sure he did too but there was nothing like the loving we have and the sexual connection we have always had. It was just an intimate affair.

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A. R Frost (A Writers Dream) said...

Thanks for posting my story. Hope you all like it. Its a super sexy read. You have a great blog. I am a fan forever. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am speechless. I cant wait to see my lady today.

Toni said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Anonymous, and I'm sure the original author will be glad to hear it as well when I tell her :)