Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Princess' SOTD 2/3/2011

Greetings and salutations, my loves!! Today's SOTD is 'Too Little, Too Late' by JoJo (@jojoistheway on Twitter btw). I've been a fan of hers from jump, and this song is one of my tops by her. I'm dedicating this one today to my sister.
In the song, JoJo is telling her dude that he had a chance to do it right, but he waited too long to make things right. The reason I'm sending it out to my sister is because she's in a similar situation right now. Her and her man of 10 years are breaking up because he's not about a got damn thing and she finally has had enough of his nothing ass. The thing is, he's begging and pleading and caking (aka spending money on her for those not familiar with the term) her to get her to stay, saying he'll change and all this bullshit. But, I'm proud to say she is standing her ground.
At some point, we all reach our fuckery limit. And like R. Kelly said, 'when a woman's fed up, no matter how you beg, there ain't nothin you can do about it.' Fellas, if your woman comes to you time after time after time saying what she needs and you just blow her off, or even worse, fake it til she shuts up, you're gonna find yourself with your dick in your hand. Not in a Lorena Bobbit type of way or anything, unless she's crazy and REALLY gets tired of your bullshit lol.
Point is, take care of home. Listen to what your partner is asking of you. If you can't give them what they need, have some balls about yourself and be honest. Otherwise, you're gonna be sitting there alone wondering where it all went wrong.
Con Amor (With Love),

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