Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Princess' Song of the Day

Good morning, my loves! Today's SOTD is ;You've Changed' by Keyshia Cole. Those of you that are my friends on Facebook know that I do a SOTD just about every day, so I figured I'd start posting it on my blog as well. I'm getting back into my groove slowly but surely.
Anyway, today's pick is a song that's always been dear to my heart. Not to say I'm a huge K.C. fan, but her first album is definitely one of my faves. This song has always made me think about the people in my life, whether it's a romantic relationship or otherwise. If you think about the premise of the song, it makes sense.
In the song, Keyshia's saying how the guy she's engaged to got some money and totally flipped the script, started acting different and neglecting her, so she had to bounce. How many of us have been in that same position with a person? You love them dearly, romantically or platonically, would do and have done everything to make things work, but they get ahead in some way and start acting brand the fuck new? And when I say 'get ahead', it doesn't have to be monetarily. Sometimes, folks start running in a new circle or get a little popular for whatever reason and they begin to think their shit doesn't stink.
Or, sometimes, folks grow and become people that you never imagined they would. That's the part that's always hard for me to accept. I mean, I know that people grow and change and all that, but when you change in such a way that it makes you unrecognizable to those that have been closest to you, that's a problem. What makes it worse is when people make these drastic changes and then expect you to tolerate the fuckery. Well, I'm not the one for that shit believe that. If you become someone I don't know or like, fuck I look like dealing with it?!
I have a friend that I've known since high school. We're still cool, but they've become someone that Ifind myself wanting to punch in the face from time to time. Not because I don't love them, because when I say this person means the world to me, I mean it, but becauseI just can't deal with some of teh bullshit they do. They've become a person that is so emotionally detached, it's like talking to a brick wall sometimes, you know? They went thru some stuff, just like the rest of us, but they chose to turn their heart to stone rather than accept what happened and take the lesson. Now, to get them to admit how they feel about anything deeper than a song on the radio is like pulling teeth. Of course, I know everyone isn't as open emotionally as I am, but damn, you can't be a statue expecting warmth from others to give you life, you know? That shit blows my life because this person could have love like they've never experienced before if they would just get the fuck over the hurts from the past and open their heart.
Well anyway, rant over lol. Let me get this poem finished so I can post that next. I hope y'all have a great one and remember: While you may feel change is an unavoidable part of life, know you have control over the extremity of the changes you make to yourself and your surroundings.
Con Todo De Mi Corazon (With All My Heart),